Plaster Repairs

Touch Up Your Floors or Ceilings Easily

Come to us for plaster repair services in Flint, Burton or Grand Blanc, MI

As you lay awake in bed at night, you notice that a corner of your ceiling is discolored. Unfortunately, the spot you see could be water damage, so call Mike Mcgee Drywall and Plaste for plaster repair services. We'll cut out the damaged section, then patch it with fresh plaster. Your walls will look smooth and clean in no time.

Schedule a time to meet with our plaster demolition contractors today. We serve Flint, Burton, Grand Blanc, MI and surrounding areas.

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Your walls, your way

The last thing you want is an unsightly blotch on your wall - it will stick out like a sore thumb. When you hire us for plaster repair services, we'll apply the same plaster finish as the rest of your walls. That way, you won't be able to tell the difference. We'll make sure the new plaster matches your:

  • Spatter dash finish
  • Smooth cast finish
  • Rough cast finish
  • Sand faced finish
  • Scrapped finish
  • Textured finish

If you have questions about our repair services, get in touch with one of our plaster demolition contractors now.